People’s Daily praised Shandong on the front page: Focus on innovation and move towards high-quality development!

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Zhengjia Town, Liaocheng city, Shandong Province — The industrial cluster enterprise JINDi Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. factory in Zhengjia Town, Dongchangfu District, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, has a hot production scene.Picking up a shiny, smooth steel ring from the basket, Yuan Ximing, the company’s deputy general manager, explained to reporters:”This is the bearing retainer, if the bearing is the ‘eye’, the retainer is the ‘eye socket’, is the rail transit, wind power generation, heavy duty trucks, ocean engineering equipment, aviation, high-speed CNC machine tools, high-power construction machinery and other high-end equipment indispensable key precision parts!””We have more than 1,000 workers in three factories,” he says proudly. “We are working at full capacity, but demand still exceeds supply.Even during the Lunar New Year holiday, more than 300 people were working overtime.Small products, big industries.Mayor Kang Yanshen said that Zhengjia town to retainer based mechanical processing industry has more than 40 years of history, bearing retainer industry started in the last century in the 1970s, from market to orders, from family workshops to large-scale enterprises, to the 1990s, the town bearing retainer industry has been rapid development, and gradually formed a cluster advantage.Now the whole town 15 enterprises above designated size, the general taxpayer enterprises more than 300, staff more than 30000 people, product development to nine major series, more than 9000 models, annual sales of 12 billion, more than 70% of the total sales of the similar products, are exported to Sweden, the United States, Japan, Korea, Italy, South Africa, southeast Asia and other countries and regions.Just over 30 years ago, Kindi was still a family workshop. Why did it leapfrog?Yuan Ximing said the secret of growth: technological innovation.A bearing retainer, absolute value is low, some sales price is not more than 0.1 yuan, but the technical requirements are very high.Yuan Ximing said, like the deep groove ball bearing retainer is being manufactured, the order is 400,000 sets, exported abroad, used for new energy vehicle motor bearings, a minute speed of more than 18,000 revolution, for product performance, life and reliability have special requirements, processing accuracy requirements are extremely harsh.In recent years, Jindi has “national and local joint Engineering Research Center”, “Shandong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center”, “Shandong Provincial Engineering Laboratory” and other scientific research institutions. R&d investment accounts for no less than 5% of the sales revenue every year, and independently conquering new technologies such as long life, low noise, high reliability and integration.Under the guidance of innovation, Jindi has won the titles of “China Manufacturing Single Champion Cultivation Enterprise”, national “Specialized and special New” small giant Enterprise, national high-tech Enterprise and so on, and has grown into the leading enterprise with the largest production scale of bearing retainer industry in China.The golden emperor is leading the way. For Zhengjia Town, the industrial cluster of maintainers must be developed again.The reporter got a survey report shows that the development of bearing retainer industry in Zhengjiazhen is faced with land shortage, insufficient funds, technology to be broken through, low concentration, unreasonable competition and other problems.How to solve the problem?Innovation, innovation.During his visit to Shandong in October last year, General Secretary Xi Jinping called on shandong to “take the lead in three areas”, one of which was “to take the lead in enhancing innovation in economic and social development”.On February 7, the first session of the “Year of the Tiger” was held in Shandong province, where the provincial party Committee issued a mobilization order to focus on the “ten innovations” such as scientific research and development, talent introduction and education, and factors of production guarantee.Dongchangfu district committee secretary Ma Junquan tells a reporter, district planning in a ZhengJia Town construction covers an area of 1000 acres of industrial base, focus on the technical innovation, talent innovation, product innovation, to create the national first-class, international leading bearing retainer, development, production base, impetus of regional industrial transformation and upgrading, to high quality development.(Hou Linliang)