Npu’s scientific research achievements were selected into the “Top Ten Progress of Life Sciences in China” in 2021

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On January 10, the Association of Life Science societies of China Association for Science and Technology released the “Top 10 Advances in Life science in China” for 2021.Among them, the project “Genetic Innovation Mechanism of Vertebrate Evolution from aquatic to terrestrial” was successfully selected by the team of Wang Wen and Wang Kun from College of Ecology and Environment, Northwestern Polytechnical University, He Shunping from Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhang Guojie from Kunming Institute of Zoology.The team found that the earliest genetic basis for terrestrial adaptations had evolved in the ancestors of bony fish, which were further strengthened in the lofin-fish represented by the lungfish, until the tetrapods were eventually perfected and successfully landed on land.The results of two research papers published as cover stories in Cell have been highly recognized by international experts in the field,The results reveal “the genetic mystery of aquatic to terrestrial evolution in living fishes”, “overcome the challenge of soft tissue organs and physiology in fossil studies” and “provide key cognitive and long-expected data for understanding vertebrate aquatic to terrestrial studies”.The annual selection of “Top 10 Advances in Life Sciences in China” aims to promote research and technological innovation in life sciences and fully display and publicize major scientific and technological achievements in the field of life sciences in China.Professor wang wen led the team success was selected, which fully demonstrates the ecological environment of northwestern polytechnical university institute of basic research in the field of life science has made a major breakthrough, and it is also the school with excellent talents from home and abroad to the new situation of rapid accumulation as an opportunity to actively build a talent, dc strategy with its unique interdisciplinary background layout of important results.Ms start “talent zone” construction since 2014, facing the world technological frontier, strengthen basic research and interdisciplinary layout, was established in 2015, the ecological and environmental protection and research center, d.c., on the mechanism of talents cultivation, introduction, use bold innovation, the discipline development, platform building, team construction and so on to carry out special policies,To provide continuous and stable financial support to build a new model of high-level talent introduction and cultivation with unconventional measures.After more than four years of construction, the College of Ecology and Environment was formally established in November 2019. It has created a fertile soil conducive to the growth and development of talents, forming a good situation for talents to gather and blossom, and continuously producing a series of high-level landmark achievements.Under this background, Professor Wang Wen’s team has developed and grown, including qiu Qiang, Wang Kun, Chen Lei and other key members, mainly engaged in omics big data, biological adaptive evolution mechanism and biomimetic applications.Future, northwestern polytechnical university will further focus on “four dimensions”, adhere to the “sky, site, education scientific research and value orientation, character of its own development, strengthen the basic research, frontier cross layout, play key core technology to be completed, help to build the city, become the main force of basic research and the major breakthrough of science and technology powerhouse.The School of Ecology and Environment will further combine the advantages of traditional disciplines of the university, meet the major needs of human sustainable development and national ecological civilization construction, cultivate leading talents with national passion, pursue excellence and lead the future, and strive to build a first-class training highland for ecological and environmental talents, a first-class research institution and strategic think tank.