Changsha man stabs female college student to death 8 times, smiles after hearing death sentence, Why?

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It happened to be Mother’s Day. At 4:00 PM, a vicious murder occurred in Central South University, killing one and injuring another.Zhang Tianjiao, a 19-year-old student in the sophomore department of Central South University, was lured downstairs by a 25-year-old man who claimed to have a crush on her. Then, in the name of sending gifts, the man took out a fruit knife hidden in the gift box and stabbed the sophomore girl 8 times. After the girl was lying in a pool of blood, the man aimed the knife at himself and stabbed her several times.The girl died on the spot, the man was taken away by ambulance treatment.Who is this man?Why did he kill this female college student in cold blood?What is their relationship?What happened again?The man named Wang Xiao, 25 years old, he on Zhang Tianjiao even stabbed four knives, and attempted suicide, the ambulance arrived announced zhang Tianjiao died on the spot, Wang Xiao after hospital rescue, has recovered.On June 12, 2012, Changsha Intermediate People’s Court prosecuted Wang Xiao and sentenced him to death, deprived of political rights for life.Wang Xiao Wang Xiao behaved indifferent throughout, as if he was not the one being judged, he did not care about the result at all.Even when I saw the relatives of the victims in the courtroom, they were smiling with no remorse at all.When questioned by prosecutors, he even replied, “You ask too many questions.”Extremely impatient and arrogant.Let a person can not help but want to ask, in the end is how much hatred will let Wang Xiao show such cold-blooded?What the hell is going on here?Wang Xiao in July 1988, Wang Xiao was born in an ordinary family in Shandong, his father died when he was young, his mother later remarried, in the new family life, the mother of Wang Xiao is very spoiled, but the stepfather of Wang Xiao does not care about, will not interfere.So Wang Xiao always felt like an outsider.He did not love to study since childhood. He played truant every day and barely graduated from junior high school.After has been in the society loafer, infatuated with online games.In the beginning, perhaps Wang Xiao just want to use the rebellious performance attract the attention of his mother and stepfather, so enjoy them, but slowly, Wang Xiao accustomed to dissolute life, what all don’t want to work, at home on the old lie flat, interest in anything, only interested in fierce network violent games, the more violent games can stimulate his spirit,Give him a moment of satisfaction.Like Wang Xiao so unenterprising, decadent people, is how to know central South University’s top student Zhang Tianjiao?This even began in 2004, Zhang Tianjiao has a uncle five years older than her, they grew up together, talk about everything, the relationship in the family is the best.In 2004, Zhang Tianjiao’s uncle went to study alone in Qingdao, Shandong province. He just met Wang Xiao, who was one year older than himself. Wang Xiao was tall and tall, 1.84 meters tall and chubby.Uncle a person in a foreign land more lonely, and Wang Xiao chat speculation, soon became a good friend.Wang Xiao to uncle is also very care, often take him back to his home to eat, and then play together, until 2007 uncle to go back home to do business, looking at a good friend without a job, so called Wang Xiao with his back to Shanxi, to help take care of their business.Working in Shanxi, Wang Xiao first saw a friend cute cute niece, then Zhang Tianjiao 15 years old, white skin, petite figure, love to laugh, voice is also very sweet, Wang Xiao remember her.Wang Xiao to uncle to work during the Chinese New Year, he went back to Shandong, never go to shanxi to work, because he was too bitter, too tired, or go home to eat old comfortable, after Wang Xiao and uncle occasionally contact, make a phone call, hair festival blessing.Wang Xiao in July 2010, uncle took his nephews, nieces to travel to Qingdao, he remembered that day is Wang Xiao’s birthday, so please Wang Xiao to eat, uncle to nephew, nieces introduced their friend Wang Xiao, Zhang Tianjiao is the first time to know Wang Xiao.A few years did not see, Zhang Tianjiao is more quiet and beautiful, smile bright appearance, let Wang Xiao look at the foolish.Wang Xiao learned that zhang day jiao Japanese department, central south university has been admitted to the absolute, prompting a look at your reluctance to mix a junior high school diploma, nothing chew old at home, and every day bubble net cafe play games, yellowish skin with acne, ugly body also is very fat, has been no one like him, including his mother also often ignore him and scolded him.Zhang Tianjiao was smart and beautiful. She was long and slender, with fair skin and delicate features.Have a good family education, the family business is very rich, since childhood, but also excellent character and learning, now also admitted to the key 985 university, her life has been dazzling, all the people who have seen Zhang Tianjiao will like her.Zhang Tianjiao was killed strong sense of inferiority, let Wang Xiao envy Zhang Tianjiao very much, at the same time very eager to be close to such a perfect girl.”Zhang Tianjiao was my first love. She was like an angel,” Wang said when reporters asked him about his motive after he was sentenced to death.When eating, Wang Xiao to Zhang Tianjiao showed extraordinary enthusiasm, Zhang Tianjiao due to uncle’s friend relations, just polite smile.Fortunately, the time for a meal quickly passed, and there was no contact after that.Zhang Tianjiao will not remember only one side of the edge of Wang Xiao, but Wang Xiao zhang Tianjiao as his first love, and even fantasy Zhang Tianjiao is his girlfriend.Wang Xiao trapped in the fantasy can not extricate themselves, he bigoted that he and Zhang Tianjiao very fate, he can sooner or later and Zhang Tianjiao go together.Paranoid, rejected the unwilling on May 1, 2011, on this day, labor day uncle is the big day, a banquet, uncle zhang day jiao and the relationship between the best, and have been called aunt sister, and my aunt also like girlfriends, she felt like she is not only the husband’s family relatives, it is the friend of the bride, the whole wedding she is happy and active,Many guests were attracted by the lovely girl, including Wang Xiao.Uncle’s wedding did not invite Wang Xiao to attend, he heard the news of the wedding, he arrived at the scene.According to Wang Xiao later confessed, when he was ready to attend the wedding, he moved to kill the heart, already want to kill the bitter secret love Zhang Tianjiao, confession may just give yourself a more reasonable reason, he also know that will be rejected.After the murder of Wang Xiao Wang Xiao at the wedding scene, through the crowd came to Zhang Tianjiao in front of Zhang Tianjiao, said he always like Zhang Tianjiao, let Zhang Tianjiao promised to do his girlfriend.Zhang Tianjiao saw only one side of wang Xiao, very embarrassed, but she did not want to hurt the man’s self-esteem, he said he had been in the university boyfriend, politely refused wang Xiao’s confession, and give the wang Xiao face, not Wang Xiao is not good, but he has a love of people.Zhang Tianjiao will be rejected after Wang Xiao told uncle, ask yourself to do so properly.’It is his business to be liked,’ added his uncle, ‘but you have a right of refusal.’Gentle and modest Zhang Tianjiao certainly will not think of, no matter how he tactfully refused, also can not change a psychological distortion of the devil, 19 years old flower like youth and dream, will soon tragically end.Wang Xiao May 2, Zhang Tianjiao’s father asked the driver to send her to Taiyuan, because it is convenient to transfer from Taiyuan to Changsha.The father could never have predicted that he would never see his precious daughter again.On May 3, Zhang tianjiao flew back to Changsha by herself.At 8 o ‘clock in the morning of May 4, uncle personally sent far away to attend the wedding Wang Xiao to the railway station, Wang Xiao arrived at taiyuan station by train, in the public phone booth to call uncle said, his mobile phone is in arrearage.Uncle knows Wang Xiao has no money, hurriedly gave his mobile phone charge 100 yuan.At 9 o ‘clock in the morning of May 5th, Wang Xiao called his uncle with his mobile phone, saying that he had returned to Qingdao, to let his uncle rest assured.Wang Xiao At 13 o ‘clock on May 5, Zhang Tianjiao sent a short message to her uncle and asked: “Third uncle, why did your friend Wang Xiao come to Changsha?”Uncle is very puzzled, hurriedly made a phone call to ask the niece: “Wang Xiao went to Changsha specifically to look for you?Or go to Changsha and drop in on you?”Zhang tianjiao said he did not know.My uncle said, “If Wang Xiao has come to see you, don’t see him.Unless he’s dropping by to see you as an elder, yes.Specific principles should be grasped by oneself.”Zhang Tianjiao said understand, she does not want to let uncle embarrassed, also do not want to let uncle and friends because they make unhappy.Uncle has never thought, the friend is actually a devil walking in the world, you dig out his heart for his sake, he has stretched out a dirty talons, to drag you to hell.The scene of the murder zhang Tianjiao later wang Xiao sent his message forwarded to uncle, Wang Xiao’s message probably means that he came to Changsha just want to give Zhang Tianjiao a gift.Zhang Tianjiao said he clearly refused, but Wang Xiao on the phone is to send, she did not want to have any conflict, let Wang Xiao mail the gift to her.At noon on May 6, uncle felt a little flustered, not at ease, he called his niece, Zhang Tianjiao said, Wang Xiao did not come to Changsha, uncle to relax.He thought, Wang Xiao is just a very difficult to put down, after all, niece so excellent.Between them two people, there can be intersection point, Wang Xiao is also an elder, should not be how to Zhang Tianjiao.Who would have thought that this call would be the last one between uncle and his niece.On May 7, Wang Xiao flew to Changsha from Qingdao. He called Zhang Tianjiao several times, but she did not answer.May 8, Wang Xiao has not given up, he thought of a net friend is a Courier in Changsha, he found this net friend to help, planned a carefully prepared murder.At noon, Wang Xiao called Zhang Tianjiao many times, Zhang Tianjiao still did not answer the phone.Until 2:50 in the afternoon, Wang Xiao continued to call Zhang Tianjiao’s phone, perhaps too annoyed, Zhang Tianjiao connected the phone, Wang Xiao said on the phone that day to changsha to see her, Zhang Tianjiao firmly refused.Wang Xiao pretended to say, the gift I have mailed out, should arrive in the afternoon, let Zhang Tianjiao afternoon don’t forget to take.Zhang Tianjiao heard has been sent, it is not good to refuse, promised to take.After half an hour, Wang Xiao let oneself know the net friend Courier to Call Zhang Tianjiao, let it go to the 16 building downstairs to pick up the package.Zhang Tianjiao think it should be wang Xiao said the gift arrived, she pulled out of caution with the bedroom friends to accompany her to take the express.On the way she also said to her friends: “The service of the express company can be very good ah, send the express to the downstairs, good thoughtful.”Came downstairs, they saw wang Xiao waiting there.Wang Xiao let Zhang Tianjiao friends away, he has words to say and Zhang Tianjiao alone.Friends can only avoid for a while, Wang Xiao said to Zhang Tianjiao: “You turn around, I will give you the gift I will go.”Zhang Tianjiao did not think too much, turned around, Wang Xiao quickly took out a fruit knife prepared in advance from the gift box, ruthlessly stabbed to zhang Tianjiao’s heart position, three knives are stabbed in the heart, Zhang Tianjiao fell in a pool of blood, he stabbed a knife in Zhang Tianjiao’s neck carotid artery, knife fatal.A 19-year old’s life ended at the hands of a despicable evil.Wang Xiao killed Zhang Tianjiao after the performance in the murder before, Wang Xiao on the network to find a lot of ways to quickly kill people.”I wanted Zhang Tianjiao to die quickly so that the pain would be less,” Wang said after her arrest.In fact, the devil is very hypocritical, and finally did not forget to disguise himself, he just want a knife fatal, absolutely do not give Zhang Tianjiao a little chance of life, it is their own cruel and vicious, but he described as wanting to let Zhang Tianjiao a little less pain.Wang Xiao determined zhang Tianjiao death, with a knife self-mutilation three knives, but a knife is not stabbed in their own vital, stabbed is not deep, and finally cut a knife in the face, resulting in the illusion of blood, and then lying beside the dead play dead, waiting for the ambulance, Wang Xiao also had two times up.Wang Xiao such demons always help themselves to make up self-righteous excuses, he knew it was impossible to get Zhang Tianjiao love, he moved to kill heart, die and Zhang Tianjiao together.Wang Xiao was sent to an ambulance. Wang Xiao was extremely selfish and cold-blooded, with a twisted personality and no humanity.He smiled all the way through the sentence of death without remorse, because he thought he would get what he deserved.Does he love Zhang Tianjiao?Not at all. He’s just jealous and possessive.Zhang Tianjiao’s mother attended the trial, she did not understand, why a confession was rejected, will kill so good girl?How cold-blooded is that?See Wang Xiao in the court can not live to laugh, Zhang Tianjiao’s mother can only weakly tremble, resolutely not a compensation, to sentence Wang Xiao immediately executed, end the devil’s life earlier, comfort her daughter.My uncle was so distraught after this that he moved away from his hometown and never wanted to go back.He couldn’t forgive himself for letting the Wolf in.Zhang Tianjiao would not have died if she had not known Wang Xiao.He and his niece were five years apart and had the best relationship with each other since childhood.Family members can not forgive Wang Xiao niece is the only child in the home, moral and academic excellence, kind, gentle.But such a beautiful girl has been quietly to help their friends killed, and the means is extremely cruel.Uncle often think of Zhang Tianjiao self – blame unceasingly, painful.There will be shadows under the sun, good should not be used by evil;The devil deserves no sympathy, much less justification for sin;I hope you learn to protect yourself and stay away from those extreme people.Disclaimer: This article is published for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address