Build harmonious labor relations neihuang county to improve the rate of labor contract signing

2022-05-01 0 By

Image net news (the elephant news reporter Gu Lichao correspondent Li-ying song xiao-fang liu) “by neihuang people club department propaganda activity, has caused me to understand the importance of signing labor contract and unit of choose and employ persons, county people club bureau also printed the” labor contract “free distribution, for us to directly to unit of choose and employ persons to sign labor contract, that’s too sweet.”On The morning of March 23, to neihuang county convenient service hall for procedures Ms. Zhang said happily.In order to further standardize the labor market and effectively reduce and prevent labor disputes, the department of human resources and social Security of Neihuang County will improve the signing rate of labor contracts in catering services, shops and construction as a specific measure to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers, and fulfill the initial mission of serving the people with practical actions.”To strengthen enterprises above designated size, on the basis of labor contract rate, working hard this year small micro enterprises to sign labor contract, and hospitals, Banks in neihuang convenient service hall hall and 17 township convenient service hall crowded place setting, a contract must have need of laborer or shopkeepers can take to sign labor contract at any time,A total of 100,000 samples of labor contracts have been printed and placed at various pick-up points to further enhance workers’ awareness of rights protection.”Neihuang County people and Social security Bureau chief said.In order to improve enterprise and peasant workers to sign labor contract in accordance with the understanding, the county people club department through the media, Internet, newspapers, leaflets and other forms of propaganda, to improve the business owners and workers’ legal consciousness, strengthen employment guidance and services to small micro enterprise, make enterprise and worker both sides understand the importance of signing labor contract.We will focus on small and micro businesses such as catering, retail and construction, strengthen guidance and services for the signing of labor contracts, strive to increase the signing rate of labor contracts, comprehensively optimize the business environment, and build harmonious labor relations.( anyang news hotline: 186 2372 1000, email “Elephant Escort Office” of tel: 180 0371 9699)