Nutritionist: Three types of food accelerate brain aging

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Most of the time, people consider changing their eating habits in order to lose weight, or to increase their energy intake through eating.However, eating right is also important to keep your brain healthy and prevent premature brain aging.Certain foods can age the brain faster.Serena Poon, a certified dietitian and celebrity chef, stresses that it’s important to watch out for inflammatory foods to keep your brain healthy. Ms. Poon told Eat This Not That Not only do inflammatory foods reduce your health, but researchers have also found that these foods cause a faster decline in brain function.”Some of the major culprits of inflammation, such as added sugars, processed meats, and refined carbohydrates, are prevalent in the standard American diet.””She added.Pan identified three “inflammatory foods” that can be bad for the brain and why they should be eliminated or restricted from your diet to keep your brain healthy in the long term.Eating too much Added sugar can impair memory and increase the risk of dementia, says Ms Pan.And added sugar is everywhere: from drinks and desserts to seemingly “healthy” salad dressings.People who have a sweet tooth tend to be moody because they eat too much sugar.”Choose delicious foods without added sugar, or seek to cook food at home to control sugar consumption and intake,” Pan said.Health experts say try to avoid foods that contain added sugar.Writing on CNBC, Allergist and immunologist Heather Moday said that no ingredient is more harmful to the health of your immune system than sugar.She writes that high blood sugar is caused by a number of factors, the biggest being too much blood sugar in the diet — it starts a vicious cycle of insulin resistance and obesity, which leads to elevated inflammatory cytokines that damage blood vessels and activate the immune system to repair those areas.This can greatly interfere with the immune system and pave the way for dangerous bacteria and viruses to get past the body’s defenses.Dark chocolate, berries, or other low-sugar foods are recommended.Refined carbohydrates are found in white bread, baked goods and breakfast cereals and lack nutritional value.Pan says researchers have found that eating these carbohydrates affects cognitive health in a number of ways, including changing the function of several brain regions.Many carbohydrate foods, especially refined processed foods, contain a large amount of starch foods with a high glycemic index, which is easy to cause a sharp rise and fall in blood sugar.When blood sugar in the brain is unstable, it has a direct negative effect on the brain.White bread increases inflammation, which is bad for your skin.In order for the brain to function properly, blood sugar levels must be stable, so avoid too elaborate sweets that can be absorbed quickly and cause blood sugar to rise too quickly.Eat complex carbs instead.Complexity means that the body has to take some time to digest it before it can be absorbed, so that the blood sugar stabilizes and the brain can enjoy it and keep the mood stable.”Instead, choose whole grains and other ‘complex’ carbohydrates such as those found in legumes and vegetables.”Ms. Pan recommended.Processed Meat Has no health benefits whatsoever.Ms. Pan says the researchers found that processed meat was associated with a significantly increased risk of dementia, a condition of cognitive decline.Another study also found that people who ate low-calorie vegetarian and vegan diets, which included foods with high processed ingredients, were more likely to suffer from depression.Processed meat.According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a study by the Nutritional Epidemiology Unit at the University of Leeds found that eating processed meats, such as sausages, ham and bacon, increases the risk of dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease.”In contrast, anti-inflammatory diets, such as the Mediterranean or DASH diet, and diets rich in antioxidants, B vitamins and fatty acids, were found to extend brain life.”Ms. Pan said.