Is graduate school a high-risk profession?The reason is that I have not thought clearly about these three things

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A graduate student at Central South University said goodbye to the world after falling from building 21.This April.The father of the child left a message on the Internet: “Son, when you left, your face was still angry and your eyes were not closed…What pain did you go through?”.It breaks my heart to see these words, too, because behind them is not only the pain of losing a father and son, but also the grief and despair that truth has not been revealed and justice has not been declared.We look forward to the revelation of the truth and justice, as this is the best comfort for the deceased and their families.Nanjing University, Dalian University of Technology.There were three similar cases in a row last month.The basic reason is that most graduate students don’t think clearly about these three things.What is the essence of graduation?Almost all graduate students who decide to go to a dead end will graduate.Graduate students are different from undergraduates.Graduate students need research results and socially recognized research results.The higher the level of the university, the higher the professional level, the higher the requirements for scientific research achievements.If the research results are not up to par, they cannot graduate.In the eyes of most graduate students, the sky will fall if they don’t graduate, and those who don’t graduate are ready.But when you take a closer look at the graduate degrees at every college, you’ll find that very few graduate students fail to graduate.In other words, in any case, you can find ways and opportunities to achieve graduation results and then graduate.As the saying goes, “You can’t graduate without a master’s degree, and you can’t pass the exam without a doctor’s degree.”In addition, tutors will do their best to help you graduate.After all, if you don’t actually graduate, it’s not only a shame on you, it’s also a shame on your instructor.Therefore, the core of graduation is to have more patience for scientific research and more help from tutors.What is the meaning of work?Because the devil who can’t leave school naturally thinks of the bitter consequences of not being able to find a job, and thinks that he has wasted three years of his life, wasted his family’s money, and is inferior to his elementary school classmates.But in fact, they all add up by themselves, which is not true.When you’re looking for a job, you don’t have to graduate because you’re a junior, so it doesn’t matter if your research is up to par.Once you get a job, you can quickly learn the research you need through a reverse promotion.Then let’s think about it and try to get a job.If you lose your life, how can you live a good life?Therefore, the importance of work is actually a serious life and a good life.You can’t get a good job right now, but if you look back a few decades, aren’t there opportunities everywhere in the future?What is the value of life?In fact, it all comes back to the question, to the value of life.We are now so moved by a culture of pride, luxury and vanity that students and graduate students expect to advance and dominate the world immediately after graduation, with the highest salaries and benefits.But does immediate success mean future success?Similarly, is immediate disappointment a disappointment of life?A multimillionaire who leaves the world at the age of 50, and an ordinary person who leaves the world at the age of 100, who do you think will be successful and who is of high value?The value of life is full of incalculable dimensions.The value you see is your current perception of value, but it does not represent the future or everyone else.So the value of life is actually a way of looking at the world.If you see more and think more, your life will be better.There is more to be said, but not enough.Whether you’re a student or a parent, I want you to think about these three questions.Maybe you won’t know how to live until you figure it out for yourself.If you find it useful, feel free to leave a comment