After Australia withdrew its personnel from Ukraine, Mr Morrison blamed China, saying Beijing should step up

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Australia is following the LEAD of the United States in the course of events in Ukraine.According to the Global Times on February 13, Australia announced that it will evacuate its embassy in Ukraine to a city in western Ukraine, 70 kilometers from the Ukraine-Poland border.Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison played up the tensions in Ukraine and blamed China, saying Beijing had often blamed Canberra and should now blame Russia and shoulder its due responsibilities at the United Nations.Morrison’s remarks obviously ignore a basic fact that the deterioration of China-Australia relations is caused by Australia’s unilateral aggression against China.The deterioration of the situation in Ukraine also lies in the fact that the United States and Britain and other countries are intent on promoting the eastward expansion of NATO, the military alliance organization, which constitutes a serious infringement on the overall interests of Russia.China’s AMBASSADOR to the United Nations said one country’s security should never be achieved by encroachment on other countries, and regional security should never be achieved by military collectivization. The United States should face up to Russia’s legitimate demands for security.In the long period before the rise of western civilization, China was the cultural, political and economic center of the world.China made a “Chinese version of the final conclusion of history” during the Ming Dynasty and subsequently fell into decline, according to zhang Weiwei, a Chinese scholar.Long history has shown that self-righteous aggression against other countries based on one’s own desires is bound to bring about consequences for oneself.The US, UK, Australia and other Western countries are acting in precisely this sense of self-righteousness in Ukraine.America’s hysteria over Ukraine, as the Kremlin pointed out in a telephone call on February 12th, had peaked.Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed after the phone conversation with Biden that he did not know why the United States continued to spread false information on the situation in Russia and Ukraine.Standing on the shoulders of European countries, the United States, as the hub of the global Internet and the leader of the communications industry, has an inherent advantage in controlling public opinion.Regrettably, the US is using its hegemony of public opinion, science and technology and military to force the Russia-Ukraine situation into a powder keg that may explode in Europe.The United States has kept itself out of the whole russia-Ukraine situation through constant high-level communication with Russia.In the script directed by the United States, “The Conflict between Russia and Ukraine stimulates Europe to rely on the United States and plunder Europe for its own survival”, the United States is relying on “agents” planted in various countries to further intensify the tension between Russia and Ukraine.This makes many European countries to Russia and Ukraine’s tension intensified, showing a “uncomfortable” state.On the one hand, the Leaders of France and Germany are engaged in shuttle diplomacy of rapprochement between Russia, Ukraine and the United States, on the other hand, they are still following the lead of the United States and reconciling with the United States in non-core areas of their relations with Russia.At present, more than 10 countries called for their personnel to leave Ukraine, in addition to Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other “outside countries”, also include Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and other European countries.What good is it for the People of Europe to keep putting pressure on Ukraine and Russia and cause panic in Europe?This issue is similar to the behavior logic of some Lithuanian politicians who are determined to infringe on China’s core interests and ignore the aspirations of the Lithuanian people.In western politics, where money is the order of the day, the United States, which frequently accuses Russia of meddling in elections, is undoubtedly the biggest intervener in European politics.The political interference and subversion of the United States is particularly evident in venezuela, Syria and other countries.The political intervention of the United States, which was “overt” in the infamous “color revolution”, is invisible in many European countries, and is driving the “European independence” in a false name.Once the situation in Ukraine gets out of control, the interests of Ukraine and Russia will be seriously harmed, and the “European independence” advocated by France and Germany will also become a dream.The ill-intentioned US should be resisted by the people of all countries.