The people have thought in their hearts, the royal son of Heaven is expensive, who pity li ordinary bitter cold

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This ignorance, the hearts of the people have thought, the royal son of Heaven is expensive, who pity li ordinary bitter cold.People were innocent, the emperor was lucky to meet confidante, poor Li ordinary thousands of bitter, not worth the royal money.There are female early growth, Li shu heart love thick, the emperor will live and enjoy peace.Beacon fire into the han royal, emperors and generals in the heart of the blood flowers.This will not be, the people ever royal son of Heaven expensive, who pity Li ordinary suffering.People endless music, emperor cungong, Li ordinary often think of their own descendants chong.The pen falls spring flower air is warm, the poem Yin autumn wine is thick, long day wild goose array mountain front one old pine.Ren Jun cut, not sorrow, drunken spring Taiwan.The grass grows warbler flies the willow color new, wanshou happy hour, at present has the hop is spring.Thousands of cups less, the world more than 100, Wanshou mountain pine and cypress cui, long blue water swing clear wave.Spring who nowhere to ask deep sorrow, long night lonely mountain alone sing.Longevity phase heart has a dream, long memory tears without trace, tonight for several degrees of spring wine world.Boring books for company, cranes for neighbors, wine in the present always spring breeze.Song does not rest, the dream is difficult to become, the life of the hero tears.Old trees spring flowers for company, new tea guests wine when the song, mountain long water far before the pine Monaihe.An old man, no matter and confused, idle to sell wine invite moon, drunk in the poem spring full lu.Toad Hall GUI Ying long, the world of heaven, Wu Gang holding wine spring to 100 Hui Fang.Night rain on the window with wine poetry, chunshan dream pen flowers, the world endless life, long with the breeze drunk sunset.Autumn night is not ended, wine stop people scattered wild goose called the end of the moon, Longevity Hill high sunset.Can not help, long so that the hero tears towel, red lights singing and dancing, spring to autumn to chaos.Long memory when the path is inclined, thousands of years is who, at present there is wine why drunk, and see spring to full flowers.Wine thin what ever just as well drunk, deep spring flowers nowhere, the world of eternal hero full of tears.Human April flowers, dongfeng warm green water long accompanied, longevity is my home.No one knows, long sigh the world is strange, there is wine why drunk, when spring comes to bloom.Who accompanied, boundless heaven and earth wide, wine into melancholy people easily drunk, spring yan is difficult to return home.Sick wine can not bear the grass hate, but lost sorrow, human life hero tears undercurrent.Spring to autumn song fu wine fragrance, long wild geese array mountain drunk sunset.A lamp in front of the hill, temple one hundred years of pine, the breeze sent me a few heavy spring cloud.Poetry for elegance, not long to enjoy the days, the wine spring back to continue.A dream sweet, not fragrant, the world long for life than night.Spring picturesque, wine marks, long sigh life with twilight.Graceful dance, shu sleeve under nine days, wide cold fairy now where, live in the world for five hundred years.Weaver can not stay, wide cold fairy below earth, chang ‘e should regret any solution hanging upside down.Wide cold fairy under the earth, Yao Chi fell nine days, in the month of the goddess of the moon Yutu sweet sleep.Lonely Chang ‘e dance sleeve shu, Toad Hall Yutu shou empty lu, Wu Gang cut Guangxi guang cold ask whether there is.The goddess of the moon is thin, lonely guarding empty lu, fairy now, long live in the world dream.Rain live wind stop scenery new, wide cold fairy under mortal dust, chang ‘e should regret stealing elixies, Yutu also flow pound mortar people.Heaven and earth live in white clouds, Chang ‘e should regret often think pound month Dan.Shu Sleeve dance sky, Yutu Lin who can not stay in the world, find the wizard in the Palace.Jade Rabbit below earth, Chang e dance lightly, wide cold fairy world a day.The moon is full, the palace osmanthus autumn, chang ‘e should regret to steal elixel, yutu ever solve my sorrow.Guanghan Palace in the osmanthus float, the world is not lonely, tonight the goddess of the moon yutu head shake.Tears trickling down cheeks, Toad Hall Jade Rabbit dance lightly, holding out osmanthus live, a piece of ice in wide cold.Jinwu Yutu xi meet, the moon under nine heavy, want to ask wide cold where to live wizard.Who fairy wide on the cold day, month chang ‘e Yutu exhibition appearance.Fairy house, live in toad, Chang e should regret also flow mortar book.Rushing to the moon dance, back to the palace did not sleep at night, like to see the fairy under the earth.Where another spring, chang e lonely palace in the millennium dream, haunted the world.Lonely immortal live, moon moon moon moon should regret also think pound cold ice.In the month chang ‘e dance graceful, toad Hall Yutu with Chan, Wu Gang holding out osmanthus live, wide cold fairy under nine days.Shake shake, lonely Chang ‘e night does not sleep, wide cold infinite good, the world heaven live together.Moon fairy under wide cold, not living in the yao Pool in the world, Chang ‘e should regret stealing elixies, Yutu ever solution hanging upside down.Dance sleeve cloud, yutu back to the palace invited wine, wanli jiangshan deep happy.Jade Rabbit to every lonely dance lightly, guanghan Palace Wu Gangyue below.Bosom friend can not be found, the heart is broken thousands of miles of cloud flying, good dream thousand back to the moon shine.Two lines of tears, feel the night longer, the heart wants to tell friends in the distance.Spring breeze stroke face willow silk is long, the dream is vaguely hometown, a heart hard to find thousands of tears.Tell my heart, a total of wine, dream around the soul led cape words love long.The swallow flies faintly in the dream, long recall youth, the heart wants to tell bosom friend comfort me crazy.Willow line long, a few degrees to Xiaoxiang, hearts to tell no way to send, only bosom friend in the distance.In the past, I met a friend, a smile hero tears.Nanpu spring flowers fall dream, night rain willow hanging long, heart to bosom friend raised crystal.When the month Yin, the dream tears touch jin, heart to tell bosom friend comfort my heart.Tell my heart, tears two lines, dream around the soul led cape friendship long.Don’t say bosom friend soon hide, the end of the world very close to tell my heart, a song is faintly hometown.Can chase month, long sing good poem, a song of hearts who and v., bosom friend hard to find hate to come late.When I first met you, I met a smile dream, and I was eager to comfort my heart.To tell two lines of tears, a bosom friend hard to find hate impermanent, acacia dream thousands of bitter, a wisp of love.Where are the scattered people, you go to tell your heart, a few dreams will chan.Fei CAI feng, at present the earth dream Hua Zhang, to love to do, a song bosom friend tears two lines.Bosom friend a song passed through the ages, tell all the heart tears full jin, long sigh life more bumpy, the world of mortals dream a few times smell.Dream meet a heart, long day wild goose words send deep feelings, heartfelt to bosom friend to the moon Yin.Feelings long, dream soul still want to v. no one will, empty bosom friend tears two lines.Blow to the month, the heart tell all tears fly, Wan Li Acacia send, dream around the soul lead hope to return early.Green full mountain, fundus smile, the heart of the infinite hate between the eyebrows, for floating half idle.To change old things into new words, eyebrows how crazy, fundus of the world of mortals do not understand my mind.Wild goose word hair in the clouds for whitehead, fundus of the world of mortals do not degree Yumen Floor.Fundus into a poem, when the spring breeze, for a cup push worry who knows.Spring breeze baihui incense, qianshan fundus as vast, eyebrow heart acacia change dream long.Old age, a wipe xia, fundus Jiangshan sent me to the end of the world.Total phase lead, another year, fundus clouds do not degree Yumenguan.Difficult to gather, what day to jiangnan, daughter for beauty smile, not an inch Dan eyebrow.Peach and plum are nothing, fundus all dust, brow melancholy a cool day.Another year season, a few people know, castle peak fundus spring breeze rain zi.Eyebrow heart always difficult flat, dark change fleeting time and a distance, fundus of the world of mortals where not feeling.Not self – holding, spring breeze and green willow branches, a few vicissitudes of life, always not exhibition between the eyebrows.The spring breeze youlun bonus, wanli Jiangshan fundus empty, modao eyebrow infinite hate, for the United States drunk hero.Qingshanshuimei laugh baijun, fundus peach blossom all the way to jiangnan.Heart total silent, to the acacia world how many things, the spring breeze does not do Yumenguan.Fundus as luxuriantly green, spring breeze in a look, the heart has no trace.- Zheng Huixian