Stabilize the basic plate of tourism industry to further enhance the confidence of industry development

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Source:People’s Daily online Original draft of the People’s Daily in Beijing on February 19 (reporter Helen) recently, the National Development and Reform Commission with the culture and tourism and other relevant departments issued “on a number of policies to promote the development of service sector difficult industry recovery” (hereinafter referred to as the “policy”), in view of the service industry faces specific difficulties, calls for a positive response to the market main body and concerns,We put forward 43 specific policies and measures in three areas to effectively ease the cost pressure on market entities in the service sector.Among them, tourism is one of the difficult industries that the policy focuses on helping.Culture and the development of tourism industry officials said that in the face of the outbreak of the continued effects of tourism, in accordance with the deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, National Development and Reform Commission, culture and tourism and other departments jointly issued the “policy”, the tourism industry as the key support industry, release a positive signal, increase the intensity of directional ShiCe, precision support,Efforts to ease the pressure of ensuring market subjects, employment and stable expectations of tourism will provide strong support for the majority of tourism enterprises to tide over the current difficulties and resume development as soon as possible, which is conducive to stabilizing the basic market of the industry and further enhancing the confidence of industry development.The person in charge pointed out that the “policy” issued this time covers tax and fee reduction, stable post return, rent reduction, financial support and other inclusive policies that can be applied to the tourism industry, while focusing on the actual difficulties of the tourism industry and the concerns of enterprises, put forward a targeted package of special assistance measures.These policies and measures adhere to the combination of reducing pressure and increasing vitality, reduce costs and increase efficiency in an overall way, and give consideration to the current bailout and long-term development. They will provide strong support for alleviating the current difficulties of tourism enterprises, enhancing the confidence of practitioners and helping the industry recover and develop.First, expand the space for business development and help enterprises operate steadily.The measures put forward in the policy will provide powerful services for relevant tourism enterprises to provide relevant services for government agencies, enterprises and institutions and equal participation in market competition. Second, strengthen financial directional assistance and adhere to both “blood transfusion” and “hematopoiesis”.The policy strengthened targeted “drip irrigation” of financial policies, guided banks to increase their preference for difficult industries, especially the service sector, and continued to encourage the financial system to cut fees and yield profits.Third, we will take multiple measures to reduce costs and lighten the burden on enterprises.Through a series of inclusive policies to help enterprises reduce costs, tourism enterprises are further relieved of capital and operating pressure.Fourth, targeted prevention and control measures were implemented to stabilize business expectations.Several requirements specified in the Policy point out the direction for further improving the scientific and precise level of epidemic prevention and control measures, and will create a good environment for tourism enterprises to stabilize their business expectations.Fifth, relevant industries coordinate measures to optimize the tourism development environment.Catering, retail, transport and passenger transport are all key industries in the policy, and a series of targeted rescue and support policies and measures have been introduced.Through exerting policy integration effects and synergy, not only helps to support outbreak response influence related industries, also helps to enhance the capacity of some relevant factors of tourism supply and appeal, further enrich the tourism product supply, improve tourist travel experience, release energy industry development, the good tourism environment conducive to tourists travel, help restore the development of tourism.As a Chinese saying goes, “The deployment is as good as the implementation.”Going forward, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will work with relevant departments to resolutely implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council, focusing on the following work, the official said.First, we will further publicize and implement policies to guide policy expectations and boost confidence in market recovery and industry development.Second, we will actively cooperate with relevant departments to accelerate the implementation of policies such as tax and fee reductions, job stabilization and refunding, rent reduction and exemption, and financial support in the tourism sector.Third, we will guide local governments to strengthen policy implementation and innovation, further introduce more targeted and effective measures to help enterprises, strengthen follow-up and supervision of the implementation of local policies, and promptly summarize and popularize good local experience and practices.Fourth, guide and gather relevant industry organizations and social forces, provide support and help for tourism enterprises to make good use of policies and restore development, and create a good service environment and public opinion atmosphere for the recovery and development of tourism.Fifth, continue to pay close attention to the impact of the epidemic on the tourism industry and the demands of enterprises, do a good job of evaluating the effect of policies and research reserves, and constantly improve and optimize relevant assistance measures in light of the situation of the epidemic.”We hope that tourism enterprises and practitioners will not only face up to the difficulties, but also strengthen their confidence.With good enough for the government departments at various levels in all kinds of supporting measures at the same time, actively adapt to the epidemic prevention and control under the condition of the normalized market demand changes, efforts to turn the crisis into an opportunity, turn pressure into motive force, focusing on its main business, hard skills, and actively explore innovative development mode, to stimulate endogenous innovation power, improve enterprise’s ability to resist risks, and industry base to hold the industry development,We will jointly promote high-quality development of tourism.”