Erjietang community to introduce professional child care institutions to solve the area of family childcare difficulties

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To effectively solve the care burden of infants and young children under age 3, alleviate the pressure of the family parenting, in 2021, the city chengguan Russia jade pond community practice standing by introducing new era civilization “red yellow blue” social organization, actively promote the community service center of infant care services between social operation, introducing professional children’s nursery institution,Reasonable planning, scientific layout of infant care service places and activity facilities, to solve the area of family childcare difficulties.Early education + Family education Erjietang Community “Red yellow Blue” childcare center provides family guidance services for caring for the aged and raising children in the form of online micro classes, offline family education lectures, offline parent-child activities, etc., strengthens the main responsibility of monitoring infants and provides professional guidance for scientific parenting.At the same time, the child care service center introduced international child care courses, focusing on the sensitive period of children’s growth, creating a warm and loving environment for children to grow up healthily under the care of teachers.The center effectively promotes the implementation of programs in communities through early education and family education, and relies on social organizations to provide centralized care, parenting guidance, maintenance and training services, and strengthen early development intervention in terms of infants’ physical and mental health, social interaction, and cognitive level.In order to broaden children’s knowledge and accumulate growth experience, teachers make full use of holidays, weekends, winter and summer vacation to organize social experience activities, through visiting science and technology museums, museums and other places to participate in themed parent-child activities, summer and summer camps, professional experience and other activities.Pay attention to the comprehensive development of infants and young children “Community new era civilization practice station introduced the” red, yellow and blue “social organizations, using more than 500 square meters of space to solve the area of parenting needs of families.The center consists of five specialized classrooms, including the hall public play service area, Montessori work room, regular classroom, etc.”Erjie Tang community neighborhood committee director Basang introduced, in addition, for the correct education and guidance of children, Erjie Tang community from the “red, yellow and blue” social organizations to introduce 7 care teachers, at the same time, the organization invited young teachers, young pioneers counselors, college students volunteers for children’s classes.”To meet the community the all-round development of infant mental, physical, mental health, in addition to providing childcare services, we are also learning experience for infants and young children to carry out all kinds of social class, parents, day care for infants, public welfare counselling, extracurricular practice, parent-child education, ability quality expanding training, directional love, rich and colorful activities such as projects.”Barsan introduced.In addition, the Erjietang Community “Red, Yellow and Blue” care center also carried out a “micro wish” solicitation activity to raise social resources and realize the “micro wish” for the children in the area of study and life.At present, erjietang Community new Era civilization practice station has helped two families realize their “micro wishes”.”We are all office workers and busy with our work, so we are always worried about the problem of child care. The quality of child care institutions in the market is uneven, and the cost of child care is expensive.”Mr. Liang, a resident of Erjietang community, said that since the introduction of professional child-care institutions in the community, the problem of child-care for his daughter has been well solved, and the “red, yellow and blue” child-care center is universal, which effectively solves the problem of difficult and expensive child-care for residents.”The childcare center in the community is close to home, and we parents have more time to finish our own work. The childcare center also invited many excellent first teachers, so it is very reassuring to send our children here.”Erjie Tang community residents bai Ma Qu Zhen said.The introduction of childcare institutions in the community not only solves the urgent needs of childcare and education for working parents, but also fills the gap of infant care in Erjietang community.The relevant person in charge of Erjietang community said that in the future, while providing childcare services, the community will also focus on the rehabilitation of the disabled and other practical needs of the community, expand the scope of services, in accordance with the requirements of “I do practical things for the masses”, and constantly improve the service level for the convenience of the people.Source: China Xizang News Network – Xizang Business Daily