“Condor Heroes return” : defeated the number of most, strength is not top five, but some people think gold wheel is very strong

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The real master, its martial arts are above all rivers and lakes on the public.There is seldom a martial arts novel, appear numerous extremely superior, Jin Yong 15 martial arts novel, except “day dragon eight” outside, then calculate “condor Heroes companion” that a river’s lake top superior is the most.Yellow medicine master, Ouyang Feng, Old urchin Zhou Botong, Yang Guo, Emperor Yideng of South, Hong Qigong of North Gai, Qiu Qian Ren of Iron Palm, King of Golden Wheel of Law and Xiaolongnu.I pull hand finger, counted, left hand is not enough, right hand gather together, one two three four five, altogether 9 extremely master.There is no novel, like the Return of the Condor Heroes, there are a lot of disputes over the top ranking, the first dispute is “Guo Jing, Yang Guo and Zhou Botong”.As for Jin Lun, some people think that he is very weak, not as strong as the Five Juries, others think that Jin Lun is enough to defeat the five juries, Yang Guo’s hand, but the plot.Count the gold wheel to the central Plains, those battles: the first war: Gold wheel and xiaolongnv of the war, according to the agreement, ten recruit did not win xiaolongnv count failure.As a result of Yang Guo interference, gold wheel mentality broken a ground, lost to xiao Longnu.Second world War: gold wheel and Guo Jing battle, very short, equally, equally, however, the gold wheel in order to face, not to unload strength, hard anti Guo Jing palm force, immediately injured, internal force can not operate, unable to continue.The third war: Gold wheel was defeated by Yang Guo and xiaolongnu double sword combination.The fourth war: gold wheel was defeated by xiaolongnu one display of the double sword combination well.The fifth battle: Jin Lun is defeated by Yang Guo who holds the iron epee sword.The sixth war: Gold wheel and Qiu Qianren fought for three days and three nights, and finally Qiu Qianren escaped and died of serious injury.The seventh war: unfeeling valley, on the cliff, the golden wheel moment, one should be the five absolute and huang Rong, double diao and so on, one fight, dare to fight, two people fight him, he ran, three fight him, he will commit suicide.The eighth war: xiangyang outside the city, on the high platform, Jin Lun lost to Yang Guo’s dejection palm.Playing second only to the five unique level of master Qiu Qianren can only escape all the way, the valley of the absolute love of the first world War, on the five unique level players, the gold wheel did not show, why do I have to say that the gold wheel fighting force is not good?According to the original work of “Condor Heroes”, The golden wheel and Yang Guo first war, Yang Guo tried sixteen years have not seen, the progress of the golden wheel martial arts, two people just a match, each very admire, from internal merit, neck and neck.However, the next, Yang Guo left a single hand to the enemy, gold wheel five rounds in hand, above the weapons, occupied the advantage, however, more than a hundred moves past, Jin Lun was very nervous, he weighed very clearly, understand that more than 200 moves, will be defeated by Yang Guo.Therefore, his brain turned, began to attack Guo Xiang, in order to divide The heart of Yang Guo, finally hurt Yang Guo.Master stroke, only in the difference, Yang Guo was seriously injured, was suppressed by the golden wheel, despair, display a dejected ecstasy palm, only five moves, the use of five rounds of gold wheel will be defeated in the hands of Yang Guo.Is this a plot kill?Apparently not!I think, here is by no means plot to kill, if plot to kill, can let Yang Guo suddenly put to good use a dejected rapture palm, lead to gold wheel caught off guard, had not seen so strange martial arts, defeat and death.After all, during the second Huashan Sword debate, Ouyang Feng practiced the nine Yin True Classics in a very strange way, fighting guo Jing, Hong Qigong and Huang Yaoshi alone.In “The Sky and the Dragon”, Zhang Wuji faced the three generals of the Storm for the first time, and was also confused by the weird martial arts. After knowing the root cause, he was not afraid of them, and even took action against them.But the battle of Gold and Yang Guo, Yang Guo did not display the dejected ecstasy palm, the gold wheel will know that he can not hold, therefore, here can not be said to be the plot to kill.The battle between Yang Guo and Zhou Botong Yang Guo and Zhou Botong fought each other for half an hour in a tie.At first, Zhou Botong also fought with one hand, Yang Guo refused to accept, immediately saw through zhou Botong’s palm method, then, there is a way to deal with the nine Yin truth of the martial arts is live learning, as a result, Zhou Botong did not beat Yang Guo.However, with the rich experience of Yang Guo, Zhou Botong suddenly put to use both hands and nine Yin zhen jing martial arts change, is also caught off guard, almost lost.3, three juju war gold wheel unfeeling valley, yideng and Zhou Botong two people have had a fight with the gold wheel, are unable to do each other, in fact, Zhou Botong with empty boxing trick, no hard gold wheel martial arts, gold wheel also everywhere feel powerful nowhere.In fact, Zhou Botong deep internal skills, not really dare not hard, but feel that hard is not necessary, why hard?Wouldn’t it be good to kill him with empty fists?When the lamp and the golden wheel hit each other equally, they met each other hard and did not cheat at all.This shows that the theory of internal force, the five must not be weaker than the gold wheel, on the move, Zhou Botong’s empty boxing let The Gold wheel meng, let Yang Guo meng of the move, Zhou Botong has not displayed.Based on the above analysis, Jin Lun was defeated by Yang Guo. If he wanted to beat the other five talents, he was probably talking in his sleep.Based on the above, the reasons for the insufficient fighting force of the golden wheel are analyzed: 1. The internal force is very strong.Short moves, you swing them around on five wheels.2. Lack of experience.Gold wheel high, and often with less than the same level of master, unlike the other five, almost you catch up with me, all the way to fight up.Mentality is not good.A top ace, not sedate enough, Yang Guo a few words, destroyed his state of mind.Sixteen years later, gold wheel mentality is still not good, in the face of three masters, do not want to escape, but directly do not resist, to commit suicide.Die face, live.Against Guo Jing, but also thinking about face, if not Guo Jing do not want to continue, the gold wheel will certainly account for there, after all, he stuck, internal force can not operate, moves can not move, just a beaten target.So, why do many people think that gold wheel is very strong, and even the first master in the Return of the Condor Heroes?1, film and TV drama influence 96 version of the Return of the Condor Heroes, Jinlun display the dragon like Prajna, directly out of more than ten dragons, Zhou Botong tried his best to resist, only two, but also can not catch, catch unstable.Caused a lot of people mistakenly believe that the three jizu battle with the Gold wheel, but also beat the gold wheel.In fact, in the original “Shooting eagle Companion”, fighting alone, Gold wheel did not win, two people fight gold wheel, gold wheel choose how far to run how far, how fast to run how fast, three people fight gold wheel, has not yet shot, gold wheel to commit suicide.2, the original description of the impact of unfeeling valley met golden wheel, Huang Rong they worry about a lamp and Zhou Botong is old, all kinds of help in the side, also let the white eagle help raised from a young age, but also killed a golden wheel, another hit the wall and died.When the lamp fought with the golden wheel, his head smelled white.Zhou Botong felt that Gold wheel was too strong, so he didn’t want to fight hard, but used empty fist.However, the original work also said that Huang Yaoshi had arrived long ago and wanted to communicate with zhou Botong, but he saw Zhou Botong and Yideng, so he held back. With huang Yaoshi’s vision, he naturally knew that Golden wheel could not do anything about Yideng and Zhou Botong.Combined with all of the above discussion, according to Yang Guo and the battle of the Gold wheel, basically can analyze the strength of the gold wheel can be tied for the five, however, due to lack of experience, mentality, not good moves, can only be ranked in the sixth.I think, according to the original discussion, the reason why xiaolongnu keeps her appearance unchanged is that she has been practicing the inner skill of the tomb school for 16 years, and there is wanzai Ice in the valley of unfeeling, which is similar to the effect of the ice bed in the tomb.Therefore, sixteen years of concentration, xiaolongnu’s internal work may not be weak.I even guessed that xiaolongnu could have beaten the Golden Wheel 16 years ago, and could still beat it 16 years later.