The New Batman: Gotham’s version of Detective Conan, a political metaphor for visual spectacle

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If Spider-Man 4 has been ridiculed as a sipper, then the new Batman film has received excellent word-of mouth. It has grossed $500 million at the global box office in just two weeks of release, but it is a success in terms of numbers, at least the domestic blockbuster is still something to watch at home.For a DC hero movie, the new Batman is, in a nutshell, a bold attempt at three hours;At the same time, with a solemn tone of narrative, it is an extremely brave challenge.The core point of this work is the presentation of the hero alone, trying to shape a three-dimensional character;At the same time with a ups and downs of the story, the success of the character image more rich and full.However, the outstanding stereoscope of the single image weakens the foil reference of the group image, and the whole film is somewhat lacking in strength. However, the dazzling brilliance, or the shocking sound effect, or the excellent script, a number of advantages all make this work become a high-quality work that cannot be overshadowed by flaws.Among them, from the new Batman, we can gradually define DC’s business strategy — to compete with Marvel for the main market with the commercial blockbusters of DCEU (DC Cinematic Universe), such as Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Justice League.To outside of the DC universe “clown”, “new batman, etc to get rid of the stereotype of superhero movie, continuation of Nolan” the dark knight trilogy “of both artistic and commercial route, please art films, independent filmmakers to shoot more realistic directivity DC movie, weakening the action on the type and visual spectacle,Crime dramas, dramas, westerns, etc.Batman always is the most important of the DC comics character, its popularity than superman, even film adaptation has been more than 10: the initial formation of influence, four batman movie from the 90 s, ornate gothic style, to some extent, there are comic sense: exaggerated grotesque shape, enchanting color bright, crazy scary villain…The film is full of a strong surreal quality.Later Nolan took over the filming of batman: the Dark Knight, etc., are the ceiling of the superhero.In short, the superhero movie The New Batman went straight to Detective Conan.We follow the new Batman to solve the mystery as if we were following conan in real life and Gotham.When the movie opens, Gotham City is riddled with crime and danger on Halloween, which makes you wonder if it’s really been 10 years since Nolan’s Batman universe?For the United States, all the jaw-dropping political and social events of the decade have subtly influenced Hollywood superhero movies, which were meant primarily for entertainment.Racial conflict, social issues, black humor, and more are all found in this film.Gotham City in the movies is definitely dark, gloomy, dirty and scary.Throughout the film, the sky of Gotham City does not appear a single ray of sunshine, thick clouds make the city’s day seem like night.We may be used to DC movies featuring a series of crime cities, from Batman to Watchmen, and certain city images that instantly distinguish DC from Marvel, but the overall tone of The new Batman is audacious in its dark degree.All the important scenes take place at night, the pouring rain, the dirty sidewalks, the criminals lurking in the shadows waiting for their chance — it’s all terrifying.Moreover, the temperament of film noir is extremely strong. It can be said that the director has achieved a structural balance in the grasp of commercial film and film depth, so that the film can get rid of the conventional story and gorgeous and monotonous visual style of commercial blockbuster, and improve the texture and aesthetic style of the film to the extreme!All in all, the new Batman is an alternative blockbuster with plenty of texture, inherent tension and a sense of horror.Most importantly, the new Batman adopts a noir detective film narrative that no longer presents Batman as an action hero.Batman is already known as the “world’s greatest detective” in comics.The batman in this film mainly relies on the brain rather than the brute strength, ceaselessly solves the riddler with the crime murder way left the riddle, tries to dig out the Gotham town behind the dark root.And subjective lens in the peer, borrow the criminal perspective makes us see the mayor of Gotham’s life, like a horror movie as fast, heavy and strong impact the murder scene, make us feel horror, is not only the killer’s violence, more from the claims that the guy leaving clues and riddles uncovered Gotham corruption decadent face.Batman’s deep voice speaks with power and the sadness of a superhero: the night is long and the darkness is always there.Batman is a righteous man, but he’s also lonely, confused, self-doubting, exhausted…The only light around Batman is probably Catwoman.This film of two people’s emotional entanglements point to the end, not sensational, but particularly moving.It is more like the chance meeting of two deformed people in the vast city. Because of the common anger and disappointment towards the world, they can trust and warm each other.There wasn’t much action or dialogue between the two, but the chemistry was intense.Catwoman is no longer the supporting role of Batman in the film, she has an independent personality and will.At the end, Catwoman tells Batman, “Goodbye, Gotham City is never going to change.”Bruce Wayne, on the other hand, never looked back, racing into the Gotham night on his batmotorcycle — he represented the last glimmer of hope for “real change,” like the light shining through the clouds when the rain finally stopped.The new Batman is a real Batman movie that combines the essence of all previous Batman movies with a dark detective movie style.On a higher level of thinking, when the British media revealed that novel Coronavirus was from the United States, we know that behind the system’s failure is the anti-human manipulation and bottomlessness of some politicians. It is some comfort to have a black orphan with a strong sense of morality and justice in the US.