Spring Festival tour hao River multiple “open way” cultural landscape dress up the city’s humanistic temperament

2022-04-26 0 By

As a beautiful name card of Nantong, Hao River has always been a good place for tourists to “clock in”.During the Spring Festival holiday, many citizens will take their families to visit hao River by boat.In addition, several small parks along the Hao River have been upgraded with many cultural landscapes, which enhance the humanistic temperament of the city and brighten the eyes of citizens and tourists.The hao River is quiet and clear in winter. The corridors on both sides of the river and the red lanterns floating on the pavilions add some spring color and vitality to the river.In hao River scenic boat wharf, the reporter met from Qidong to Nantong to play Mr. Pan.A stroll along the winding corridor of Hao River is also a good choice.Mr. Zhao, who comes from Shaanxi province, has been working in Nantong Development Zone for 6 years. Today, he couldn’t go home for the Spring Festival, so he took his son to visit some museums by hao River.On the osmanthus island at the northeast corner of hao River, the newly added luo Bin King sculptures and ground carvings, landscape stones, poems and lacquer paintings have been arranged, attracting the attention of many citizens.Mr. Feng, who lives in Hongqiao, heard that several cultural landscapes have been added here, so he brought his two granddaughters who just came back from Shanghai to enjoy them.