A drunk driver who crashed his “Overlord” car twice was still asleep when traffic police came to his door

2022-04-26 0 By

Yangtse Evening News on January 26 – (reporter Mazhiya correspondent Liu Zhisheng) man drunk driving on the road to open the “overlord car”, the first savage overtaking, rubbing a car’s rearview mirror, and then forced a car to drive directly into the river ditch.On January 26, the suining police in Jiangsu province punished the hit-and-run driver Peng. He not only assumed full compensation responsibility for the two accidents, but also faced severe punishment because of drunk driving escape.The case occurred in January 24, 2:48 p.m., Suining traffic brigade Qiu centralization team received a report said, in sui Qiu line Wulitang community, a white car hit and run away.Police then arrived at the scene, according to the police, the white car driving track is very savage, not only fast speed, but also in the case of no overtaking conditions, forced overtaking, resulting in the police vehicle was scraped, the rearview mirror was broken.After the incident, the car did not stop, sped away.Police in the handling of the accident, soon received a report, not far away from the suiqiu line near the village, a car to avoid riding the middle line of the white car, swerved directly from the road to the roadside, causing the river into the ditch.Police at that time to judge, may be the same car accident.By taking the scene of the surveillance, the police eventually locked the car is the same car.After work, the police quickly locked the location of the vehicle.Soon, the police arrived at the driver Peng home, at this time the vehicle stopped in front of the car head impact marks, and the driver Peng at this time lying in bed snoring.Subsequently, the police will wake up Peng, the alcohol breath test, the detection of alcohol content 66mg/100mL, belongs to the drunk driving hit-and-run.On January 26, the police to this incident to make processing, Peng is suspected of drunk driving motor vehicle hit-and-run illegal behavior, will be fined 4000 yuan, driving license to record 24 points of administrative punishment, but also to assume the full liability of compensation for two accidents.Proofreading faye wong