Northern Qi: 28 years calendar 6 emperors, one emperor, are bad king

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Before the establishment of the Tang Dynasty, history referred to this chaotic period as the Southern and Northern Dynasties.There were many famous people and stories in the Southern and Northern Dynasties.But there was only one dynasty, six emperors, and it only lasted 28 years.And the reason for their demise is that these six emperors, five of them were extravagant and immoral.It is hard to find similar dynasties in history.One emperor, all are bad Kings.This dynasty was the Northern Qi.The founder of the Northern Qi was Gao Huan, a young man who had been down and out until he met his wife Lou Zhaojun.Gao Huan fell ill in the battle of Yubi because he could not attack for a long time.Gao Huan died of illness at the age of 52.The eldest son gao Cheng carried on the legacy of his father Gao Huan, but was assassinated.The second son Gao Yang mastered all his father’s troops and horses and decided to depose the puppet emperor and ascend to the throne himself, known as the Northern Qi.The founder of the Northern Qi was Gao Yang, but its founder was Gao Huan.After Gao Yang ascends the throne to be emperor, early stage also is very hard want to be a bright king, the country begins to move toward revival, right now Gao Yang begins to be smug, began the life of debauchery.Indulge in praise in gao Yang, begin disposition to change greatly, even in winter time, light naked body walk on the street.They even dressed themselves as women and indulged in pleasure.But Gao Yang was not only lewd, even cruel.Gao Yang’s concubines once had an affair with other people. After gao Yang killed the concubines, he took the concubines’ bodies for people to drink, and even made the concubines’ bones into pipa.Gao Yang gradually abnormal, the gao Yang of ultimate abnormal condition died in 34 years old, because indulge in lust and die.After the death of Gao Yan Gao Yang, who had been emperor for less than a year, his son Gao Yin became emperor.Gao Yin was a good emperor who witnessed his father’s adultery. Just as the Northern Qi was on the rise, Gao Yin was killed by two of his own uncles.After The death of Gao Yin, Gao Yang’s younger brother Gao Yan succeeded to the throne.High performance after succession, pay attention to improve people’s livelihood, vigorously promote Han culture, but high performance has been to kill his nephew High Yin geng huai.This guilt has been torturing high performance, high performance for a long time began to insanity, before the death, high performance deposed his son high hundred years of the crown prince, let his brother High Zhan inherit the throne.Gao Yan did so because he was afraid that what he had done to his nephew, Gao Yin, would happen to his son.In order to save his son’s life, he had to leave the throne to his brother Gao Zhan, and hope gao Zhan can treat his son.He was only 27 when he died.Less than a year after he became emperor.(three) Excessive drunkness and death of Gao Zhan Gao Yan died, his brother Chang Guang King Gao Zhan ascended the throne.Gao Zhan never wanted to be a wise king, full of pleasure.She even paid her sister-in-law into a harem, trusted dishonest officials and ignored government affairs.Even promised brother gao Yan treat nephew, but Gao Zhan still feel nephew is a henchman, will be possible to rebel nephew all killed.Nephews are dead, Gao Zhan can feel at ease to enjoy.However, as emperor, Gao Zhan felt too much pressure, and after four years as emperor, gao Zhan passed the throne to his son Gao Wei on the excuse of ill health.Cushman was just 9 years old.The 28 – year – old emperor Gao Zhan, no longer scruple, wanton dissolute, partying every night.He died at the age of 32 after drinking too much.Gao Wei gao Wei witnessed his father’s lewdness and immorality. He followed the same pattern, even more so.When Gao Wei became king, he began to kill loyal officials and generals. Gao Changgong, king of Lanling, died at the hands of Gao Wei.Gao Wei’s biggest hobby was holding his naked concubine Feng Xiaoyan in the court, which accelerated the collapse of the Northern Qi.In the end, the Northern Qi failed to do anything about gao Wei, and the northern Zhou army defeated the Northern Qi, and Gao Wei surrendered as emperor.But even if he surrendered, Cushman would still die.During the 28 years of northern Qi, there were 6 emperors.With the exception of Goyin, all were abnormal.Even if high play can be called the emperor, but killed his nephew to take the throne, he felt guilty.If we describe the Northern Qi, we can only use one sentence: the upper beam is not straight, the lower beam is crooked.Note: If you like this article, please share and comment.