High scale delegation to China, Lithuania wants to make peace with China?Ukraine’s hostility to Russia brought to the Winter Olympics

2022-04-25 0 By

Lithuania, which is sending its largest-ever delegation to the Winter Olympics, is likely to break the ice with China in Beijing, while Europe is fighting back and Ukraine is bringing its hostility to Russia to the Games.The Winter Olympics are about to begin. Surprisingly, Lithuania has sent a large delegation, including 13 athletes, which is the largest delegation the country has ever sent to an Olympic Games.Outside analysis, this is a way for Lithuania to take the initiative to break the ice, hoping to take the opportunity of participating in the Beijing Winter Olympics to ease relations with China.Lithuania seems to be expressing “sincerity”, but this is far from enough. The Taiwan issue is both a red line and a bottom line for China.If Lithuania really wants to mend relations with China, it needs to admit that Taiwan is a province of China from the bottom of its heart and shut down the so-called office.Here, Lithuania minced about breaking the ice;On the other hand, some Anti-China activists in Europe have used the excuse of “solidarity with Lithuania” to fire their fire by writing to the EU asking it to respond to what they call “China’s economic coercion”.But it was revealed that the EU did not want to get involved and did not discuss the matter.What about Lithuania in the face of the huge trade deal between China and the EU?Other countries trying to play the Taiwan card would do well to look at this vivid example.Despite the tensions between Ukraine and Russia, the two countries will not be absent from the Winter Olympics.But in what was supposed to be an Olympic arena of “mutual understanding and solidarity”, Ukraine has brought hostility across the smoke-filled border with Russia.Ukraine’s sports minister has told his athletes that they will not be allowed to pose with Their Russian counterparts at the Beijing Winter Olympics or speak Russian in interviews.A deputy of Russia’s State Duma said Ukraine was completely violating the Olympic motto of “greater unity”.Before the international Olympic committee President Juan Antonio samaranch took his life energy to change the Olympic and political bundle of deformity, but whether it is after the western countries on the grounds that the problem of “human rights”, announced not attend the opening ceremony of the Olympics or the Ukrainian government doesn’t allow athletes to pose for the two countries, is the political mood applied to pure the Olympics,Tying the hands of athletes who should be free to play.Remember when Ukrainian and Russian athletes waved flags and hugged each other at the Tokyo Olympics last summer.Now tensions between the two countries are high, and I wonder how long it will be before we see such a scene again.