“Ghost” Chen Rui: my fist is more accurate and ruthless than the opponent, looking forward to winning fifty thousand dollars bonus

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“Ghost” Chen’s punches have knocked out American fighters Roman Alvarez and Ali “Magic Flute” Motamoud, but Chen’s sharp punch has failed to knock out an opponent in the past year.In the face of Korean “Beautiful man” Kwon Moon-gul, who combines fighting and wrestling, and “Red tank” Jeremy Pacatu, who uses guerrilla tactics, Chen Rui tasted defeat in succession.Chen Rui is determined to make up for his shortcomings and strive to show a new competitive state in 2022.On February 11, 2022, “ONE: Tiger Out of the Mountain” will beat the war drum. Chen Rui and Lin Heqin, the “Fighting forest sister”, will go out together to fight against the strong enemy.This time, Chen’s opponent is Mark Abelardo, nicknamed “Tyson”.Abelardo’s nickname also reveals his style, and he’s as fierce as Mike Tyson.Abelardo practiced karate at the age of 10, kicked boxing and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu at the age of 17, and has won the IKBF Kick boxing champion and Kawila Muay Thai boxing champion.After stepping into the mMA arena, he used his superior standing skills to beat opponents in a row.In “ONE: Fire Fight II”, he impressed boxing fans with a brilliant elbow-jab KO to “Flathead” Emiot Urrutia.It is worth mentioning that he has also defeated Chinese points “Kazakh eagle” Ayideng – Juma yi.Such a brave heavy gunner is Chen Rui’s ideal opponent.”I was excited when I got the call because I was playing against a stand-up player who would have been a great match.He’s got great elbows, he’s got a lot of skill, and he’s got great stamina. My advantage is that I have a longer arm span, and I can punch harder and more accurate than him!”In order to win at the beginning of the New Year, Chen Rui gave up going home for the New Year, in chengdu Asura Fighting fitness club to prepare.”During the Spring Festival, we prepare normally, maintain our physical strength and arrange targeted training.I had to control my distance to avoid a close fight with my opponent because of his elbow.I am 5cm taller than him and have an advantage in punching distance. As long as he makes mistakes, I believe I will have a chance to KO him in the middle distance.”Although Abelardo is a stand-up hitter, his skills are well-rounded.After seeing Chen Rui being controlled by his opponent’s throwing, abelardo could also use throwing and ground tactics.Chen was prepared.”I didn’t do well last year, but I kept improving and working on my weaknesses. I worked on my anti-wrestling skills and my ground jiu-jitsu, and now I’m confident that I can keep up even when I’m on the ground.”The introduction of a best fight bonus for ONE Championship is an incentive for boxers, and Chen expects to earn $50,000.”For me, this tournament is all about winning.As for the outcome, I can’t predict, but I will try to play a good game, make sure it’s not dull.I also want to say to my opponent, I hope you can fight a good fight with me, I’m sure you also want to get a $50,000 bonus.””During the Chinese New Year, I wish boxing fans a happy New Year and the Year of the Tiger.I will try to bring you a beautiful game on February 11th!Cheer for me!”Chen Rui ready to start, the two stand strong and hard, who do you think will fall?