Tire valve nozzle spend more than 200 men suspected to be fooled, relevant departments: market adjustment price, can help negotiate

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On February 4, 2022, Mr. Song replaced a tire valve in Bridgestone (Xingcheng Tire Shop), Guanghua Road, Chuanying District, Jilin City, spending 290 yuan, suspecting that he was cheated by the business.Song to spend two hundred and sixty yuan to replace the tire valve (song for figure) on February 9, 2022, jilin citizens Mr. Soong said to Chinese – two of the three mile information, on the morning of February 4, he drove to the hospital on the way, the car tyre alarm suddenly, so drop by to jilin ship guanghua bridgestone (xing cheng tire shop) examination in the camps.”The staff said that the tire was flat because the valve nozzle was broken and needed to be replaced. They also said that the tire was equipped with tire pressure monitoring. It is suggested to change the special valve nozzle for special cars, which costs 260 yuan.”Mr. Song thought that the sensor and the valve were to be replaced with a new, so he agreed to change, but after the change, he realized that the other party only changed the valve.Mr. Song said he could not accept it and went to the 4S shop for consultation. The 4S shop staff said the price of the valve was about 30 or 40 yuan.Later, The Chinese Business Daily – Ersanli News contacted bridgestone xingcheng tire shop, the staff said, including the tire repair and hourly fee, a total of 290 yuan, the specific situation is not clear, they hung up the phone.On February 9, 2022, Huashang Daily – Ersanli Information contacted the Shipping Branch of Jilin Market Supervision Administration, and a staff member said:”Is this commodity market regulation, such as a commodity sold 100 yuan, 200 yuan, the country has no clear pricing, there is no strong selling strong buy, not violations wei method, we received a complaint can help negotiate, advised consumers to shop around when buying goods or services, understand clearly before buying.”China Business Daily – Ersanli News learned from online inquiry that market adjusted prices refer to prices independently determined by operators (legal persons, other organizations and individuals engaged in the production and management of commodities or the provision of paid services) through market competition.Liu Yuanyuan, reporter of Huashang Daily