A small broken stall in Shandong province, cooking wonton is a VIP guest, 6 yuan a bowl of tube full, 36 years of stalls with human touch

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Wonton than dumplings more popular, dumplings eat more in the north, and the choice of dumpling stuffing is very much also, but in the south in addition to sour soup dumplings, very few people would like to use vinegar dish with dumplings, wonton is different, however, whether it is breakfast, lunch and dinner are able to see it, and taste very good, then there is the south of the wonton is big thin skin filling,No matter how to eat it will not be tired, but today I want to tell you about shandong’s small stuffed wonton.This small filling wonton stall on the set for 36 years, stall in guest age span is big also, both old and young people and children, have a family to eat, so the locals recognition of a bowl of wonton, the boss says his home wonton is wrapped in advance, inside the home to cook directly on set is ok, because the pot is larger,You can cook up to 20 bowls at a time, so it’s pretty fast.And eat wonton in shandong, is a matter of “taboo”, is not able to stand the above mention vinegar, as for why, perhaps only the locals can clear, although is a freak show the booth, but business is good, can see from a distance, stall in a broken board, neatly put above a lot of bowl, inside the bowl with good material juice in advance,When the wontons are cooked, they can be taken straight into the pot, which also improves the speed of the meal.To be honest, not to mention the delicious wonton, just look at this small stall is very down-to-earth, and the atmosphere of eating is better, the boss said they are a family stall in the dry, because everyone has to live, so every night wonton have 2 yuan of profit, an episode can sell 300 bowls or so.A busy day’s profit is more than $6 million.Looking at a lot, but looking at the number of busy people, you know that this is hard money.And they home cook ravioli, the son of man is not the boss, but the guests in the house, the guests means the son-in-law, look at everyone with a smile on his face, knew that the family is happy, although the stand is broken, the environment and health is not very good, but very have the milk of human kindness, appetite is big or small, as long as it is to stand on,Six bucks will fill you up.In the case of those who are not in good conditions and older people, the boss will let them eat even if they do not charge money. This kindness in all people, is the human kindness of the boss for 36 years, and their wonton taste is very good, although the price is cheap, each bowl of soup contains shrimp skin, the soup is relatively fresh.Another is that although the meat filling is small, but it can also eat meat fragrance, very good.