It is the right way for a collector to be happy in an antique shop without disputing whether it is true or false

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Making antique collection is very tired, always wandering between true and false right and wrong, is and is not, gain and loss, let us feel confused.In the antiques trade, as an antiques collector, your heart is truly open when you let go of preconceptions and preconceptions and let go of anxieties and needs.Smart people in antique trade will put aside the fickleness of the world and the hard work of antique trading to relax themselves and free themselves.Because sometimes, the more you want, the less you have;The more persistent you are, the more regrets you will have.After too many ups and downs in the antique trade, you will find that even if the antique collectors have good antiques, it is impossible to sell them. Now there are all kinds of tricks and tricks.You see, the more you fight, the more tired you get.Antiques struggle with right and wrong, truth and falsehood, trying to find the possibility of a solution.In fact, in interpersonal relationship, sometimes you do not need to argue about the true and false antiques, right and wrong, confused when the confused point, but will be saved.Case 1: Still remember the han Dynasty jade stool time?The first national treasure of Chinese folk, the hero of the event is Zhou Nanquan, who is also a leader in the jade industry. In this matter, there were a bunch of fans to follow the trend and praise, including Huang Jianjun of China Jia Auction. Why did they end up in a hurry?But what if the counterfeiters don’t come out?Han dynasty jade stool true or false, right or wrong can say clearly?Case 2: For example, if you asked Geng Baochang about the terracotta Figures of the Northern Wei Dynasty, would he be willing to mention it?That is Geng Baochang, such as the Forbidden City, the country a circle of experts eye, in the stall more and more to buy more, and finally had to invite the police to help investigate, the result is also false, someone else a word: you want how much, I do how much!People in the ancient world, sometimes there is no need to argue about right and wrong, it is not only the recognition of their own ability, but also let others obvious your extraordinary bearing, willing to approach you.Not true or false, right or wrong, not blind, not ignore.But to be able to understand more, less obsession.Willing to cooperate with others and improve work efficiency.Everyone has their own accumulated experience in antique appraisal, for the sake of various considerations, confused, not arguing for right and wrong is the wisest way of life.Some people in the antiques trade are inquisitive and gossipy about other people’s business.In fact, in the middle of your question, the other person will already understand your intention.Whether it’s out of concern or curiosity, asking questions won’t help you and will turn people off.Everyone has secrets and things they don’t want to talk about. If you gossip about someone, you rub salt in their wounds.It’s a further insult.Here are some examples from the year 2021:In March 2021, the 15th global art appraisal appraiser back-to-back “woodman” series, 16 to personally attend, a total of ten rounds, the result in the first round the world, the only gold medal in 2018 Li Jianchen line also has antique sidelined after winning the award, because “woodman” competition conditions must be university wenbo born by training,The second is to go to the UK art forensic appraiser qualification certificate, resulting in 2019 Li Jianchen emigrated to Singapore for development.Case four: In November 2021, Beijing Gongbo coin rating thunder, Beijing Gongbo Zhejiang rating agency put fake coins into the box to sell, was reported, this is one of the biggest scandals at the end of 2021.There are many scandals in the antique world, dozens of them every year.Case five: In January 2022, Beijing Daxing police arrested three routine shooting companies, behind the scenes for a boss, find a farmer posing as an expert with as long as 3 years, and those long-term routine shooting with large-scale treasure appraisal activities of experts did not have a thing, once again escape from legal sanctions.Case six: In February 2022, Xuanlujun and Beijing Sanchao made a great fuss.So be confused about antiques!There are things to get to the bottom of, like research;And the curio business, you need to perfunctory.Therefore, probing is not care, psychological empathy is care.Conclusion: even if the wise man’s day is missing, it will be a flower of the world;Only a stubborn person can cling to a past of failure.Therefore, WE hope that the majority of collectors for the antique line true or false, right or wrong, for the antique itself true or false, right or wrong can be lightly handled, rotten people rotten things do not get to the bottom of.Strive but not paranoid, pursue but not regret.-END- Statement: The article is reprinted from wechat group, only for reprint, infringement can be contacted to delete