Electric tricycle serves as the old person’s acting step car, what driving license should use?

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In daily life, some of common electric vehicle class transportation have the electric tricycle, electric quadricycle, electric two-wheelers, etc., because these vehicles driving the operation is simple, the price is not high, loved by the masses, there are some old people like to as some travel instead of walking tool for electric vehicles, electric tricycle, for example,Electric tricycles are used as elderly scooters. What we are most concerned about is the problem of driver’s license. Xiaobian will give you an analysis today.Since the electric vehicle management regulations began to implement, no matter which kind of vehicle, as long as the participation in the traffic must have legal documents, even the NATIONAL standard car to apply for a license, let alone belong to the motor vehicle type of electric tricycles.Electric tricycles belong to motor vehicles. It is mentioned in the “Conditions of Use of Pure Electric Passenger Vehicles (Draft)” that electric tricycles and electric four-wheelers are divided into the category of motor vehicles, which means that electric tricycles belong to motor vehicles, and driving on the road must require a driving license.What driving license does electric tricycle drive on road need?It can be checked in the “driving license code regulations” that the use of electric tricycle requires a driving license D to drive.In addition, electric tricycles need a yellow license plate to drive on the road, and vehicles on the road need to pay insurance and vehicle and boat taxes.Know the electric tricycle as old walking car need a driver’s license D, old people should pay attention to the earning of driving license D age is 18 to 60 one full year of life, but also to health, through the sunny test to pass, if your age reached the age of 70 years of age or above, is not to get your this kind of driving license, also can’t drive this electric tricycle,As a means of transport for old age.Summary of Plum Riding:A lot of people in daily life can choose the electric tricycle as some of the short-distance travel transport, especially some old people usually pick her to buy food, go out for a walk, can choose these vehicles, vehicles such as the reason for this is that this low cost, simple operation, but in the condition of pure electric passenger car to use technology, the electric tricycle planning for motor vehicles,And in the driver’s license must drive type code of rules, make clear a regulation driving tricycle need driving license D, this kind of driving license for the elderly is not how to “friendly”, because it age limit is limited to 18 and 60 one full year of life, like the elderly over the age of 60 doesn’t have a way to participate in the training of class D driving license, that is to say,If electric tricycles are used as scooters for the elderly, there is no way for the elderly over 60 to drive electric tricycles.The above is the driving license required by electric tricycle as a substitute scooter for the elderly. Then, the driving license of electric tricycle can only be for people under 60 years old. What do you think about this regulation?